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Random photograph of Blaven
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Karen Millgate   Dover, Kent - 3rd June 2013   Click to email this visitor

My partner and I visited Scotland for the first time last year in October. The Letterfearn and Loch Duich webcams are situated next to the beautiful cottage where we stayed. When we left to return home, I left a huge part of my heart behind and being able to watch every day the Loch and the lane helps me to feel I'm still there. We are returning next year for my 50th and the time cannot pass quickly enough. Anybody who is thinking of visiting.....do it. This really is heaven on earth. A huge thank-you to everyone involved in allowing me to return on a daily basis to somewhere that I fell totally in love with. Can't wait to 'come home'.

Claire Simpson   Derbyshire - 11th April 2013   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

I am just back from a bit of an artists retreat time in Skye. I stay in Torrin, it's one of my favourite places and somewhere I return to again and again. So much to be explored and discovered. Your website is a rich resource, thank you.

Les Avey   Harefield, Middlesex - 9th February 2013   Click to email this visitor

I stayed in Elgol for one week in October 2012. Fantastic area, friendly people. Being a birdwatcher I found Loch Slapin, especially at Kilmarie and Camas Malag, superb birding sites. I keep revisiting your web site to bring back happy memories.

Anonymous   - 20th January 2013  

I have been to Skye a couple of times on holiday and it is really lovely to take a peep at the tranquility from the busy city. Thanks for a lovely escape:-)

Roy Tait   Torrin, Isle of Skye - 1st January 2013   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Very best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, prosperous and debt-free 2013.

Christine McKelvie   Aberdeen - 17th September 2012  

The Letterfern webcam brought back chilhood memories of staying in grannies house which is in picture.

Carys Davies   London - 29th May 2012   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

I absolutely love your webcam images, and your archive page. I look most mornings to see the weather, it is so calming and resonant. The high resolution makes all the difference. Thanks again.

Paul Mercer   London (now living in Scottish Borders) - 4th February 2012   Click to email this visitor

Have arranged to take my 9 year old daughter to Broadford in May, she cannot wait. Skye... the heaven of the north I think.

Jane Wynn   Houghton Le Spring, Tyne and Wear - 23rd January 2012   Click to email this visitor

I stay in Glenelg every year and love everything about this magical place. My thanks to Tim and the team that maintain the webcams. It makes me long to be there but keeps me going until I do.

Suzanne Arnold   Isle of Skye - 7th December 2011   Click to email this visitor

Wonderful photographs! All of them.

Iain Macpherson   Derby, England - 5th December 2011  

Nothing more to say than thankfully finally a great website to promote Skye! And I'm not trying to be condescending when I say this... Well done.

Flora Macdonald   Niagara, Canada - 2nd December 2011   Click to email this visitor

How wonderful to view the webcam at Letterfearn! My special thanks to Tim for sharing. I will be visiting Letterfearn in 2012.

Rich Stockley   Loughborough, England - 5th September 2011  

Blaven - What a mountain!, standing in defiance of the Cuillin Ridge, from Sligachan it looks like the back of a massive dinosaur, I want to climb it but I'm too scared. Saw it from Loch Slapin the other day, phenomenal. Skye is a place unlike any other.

David Tipi   - 25th August 2011  

Wonderful to be able to see our favourite part of Alba, will be a regular viewer now I have found the site. Well done all who run and maintain it.

Andrew Rusack   - 12th July 2011  

Brilliant webcams! I am cruising in the area next week so it's good to be able to look back over a few weeks and monitor weather patterns.

Kate   Sheffield, England - 20th February 2011   Click to email this visitor

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying exploring your website. I'm off to Skye in March, staying in Kilbride and taking my camera. I think your photos are excellent and I'll definitely be tracking down some of your locations! I can't wait to go now! Thanks!

Donald R. MacLeod   Edinburgh, Scotland - 14th January 2011   Click to email this visitor

It is so nostalgic to look back on the village of Torrin where my grandfather the Rev. Donald MacLeod grew up on the croft at No. 6 and where he died in 1955 at the age of 84. He is buried in the old graveyard at Loch Cill Chriosd alongside my step-grandmother. As children we were taken back to Torrin every year on holiday, both at Easter and in summer. As teenagers we helped with hay-making, milking cows and fishing. My uncle was the village postman and used to walk three days a week to Suishnish beyond Camusmallaig to deliver mail to three old brothers who lived there, the last survivors in a beautifully-located village destroyed by the Clearances. If you go to the head of Loch Slapin on the plain lying on the west side of the river above the bridge you will see the ruins of houses which were destroyed there too.
Each summer Loch Slapin used to host a colossal head of sea-trout returning to migrate up to Loch na Sguabaidh but this naturally occurring harvest has been totally destroyed by fish farming. How people can buy smoked salmon is beyond me. The damage it has done to natural fisheries up and down the west coast of Scotland is incalculable no matter what the politicians and scientists tell you. I saw the fish. They were there in their thousands. All gone forever. May those who inflicted this harm hang their heads in shame. What was allowed to happen in Loch Slapin is an environmental catastrophe. This lovely village could have played host to anglers from all over Britain who would happily have brought income to the area as they have done to Speyside and the Tay system. Instead we have cages holding what were meant to be migratory fish living like battery hens. We should be ashamed.

Steven Bognar   OwenSound, Ontario, Canada - 25th December 2010   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Your web pages brought back fond memories of walking from Broadford to Elgol in the 1980's and 90's. I live in an amazing spot here in Canada but I have always found Skye to be one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I camped many times at the saddle on the edge of the Cuillin with a view towards Glamaig, and your pictures and narrative reminded me of those trips. Great site! Thanks for the chance to show my daughter the photos this Christmas.

Michael Recknell   Vernon, British Columbia, Canada - 7th December 2010   Click to email this visitor

I camped near Blaven with my parents in 1951. Our soap and face cloths disappeared every day - we thought the village children were taking them until one day we caught the culprits - COWS!
I returned the next year to climb Blaven but it rained for a week and I only saw the first few 100 feet of the cliffs. I love the place, think of it often and still treasure some old photos.

Martyn Ayre   Whitstable, Kent, England - 6th November 2010   Click to email this visitor

Just checking in for one of my occasional 'fixes'. Next weekend it's the real thing - a week in Torrin. Been away far too long... was last there in May but work has kept me away. Come rain, come shine, it's special.

Alan Stockdale   Burnsall, North Yorkshire, England - 1st November 2010   Click to email this visitor

Excellent postcard feature, congratulations. The card captioned "A summer day, Loch Slapin and Blaven" is an Abrahams published card, they haven't all got their name on. I haven't got it as an individual card, but it is on their six view multi.

Claire Simpson   Derbyshire, England - 30th August 2010   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Just back from an amazing two weeks staying in Torrin. Found this website a wealth of wonderful and inspiring information before I went and now gazing at it for further fixes of the area I've fallen in love with! Loved being in Torrin and everyone was so friendly; it's been an incredibly special time. Thank you for such a brilliant website - it's full of really practical information as well as wonderfully inspirational images and stories of the area.

John Barry   Lancashire, England - 19th August 2010   Click to email this visitor

Your images across the Sound of Sleet are stunning. We return to Armadale for two weeks holiday on alternate years. Cannot wait to go back next year. We check the view on your webcam across the sound to Mallaig nearly every day. Thank-you for providing the opportunity to do so.

Ian Henderson   Uig, Isle of Skye - 17th July 2010   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Nice photo banners on your site, I came accross this site while researching webcams.

Barbara Crighton   Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia - 27th June 2010   Click to email this visitor

I love the snowy photos, most visitors don't see that, as they travel in summer. Looking forward to another trip to Skye soon.

Mandy Cotter   Tiverton, Devon, England - 8th April 2010   Click to email this visitor

What a great website. My family and I have been taking our family holidays every year, all but three since 1990, in the small village of Letterfearn near Kyle. It is great to keep an eye on all the local areas around, and also find out new information about the area. We are all booked up again for our holiday this summer and can't wait.

Col Atkins   Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland - 1st March 2010   Click to email this visitor

What a brilliant website and great pictures too! I climbed Blaven four years ago with my wife and really enjoyed it.

Chris   West London, England - 21st February 2010   Click to email this visitor

I love the site and especially the cameras at Sabhal Mor Ostaig College, my wife is working at the college and I love to see the changeable light conditions during the day, effectively seeing exactly the same as she is at the same time... I still think yours is one of the best webcams I've ever seen so congratulations on it!

Jo Ison   Cumbria, England - 11th January 2010   Click to email this visitor

I've just found this wonderful website! I've been visiting Skye every year since 1995, (staying at Torrin since 1997). I class it as Home! Now I can visit this website to feed my hunger until I return in September! Thank you :-)

Fred Riley   Nottingham, England - 10th January 2010   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Just a short comment to congratulate you on such a crisp and well-designed site. From a tech viewpoint (I'm a web designer/developer) it's great to see a standards-compliant, cross-browser and accessible site, and your credit to the menu system could be of quite some help to me. More importantly, from the content viewpoint, it's got lots of really interesting content on an area of Skye I've been to a few times but not really know much about its history, so you've really deepened my appreciation of the area. Some excellent landscape photos too - isn't Blaven a great mountain for photographers? :o)

Jean Stocks   Bradford, West Yorkshire, England - 10th January 2010   Click to email this visitor

Had a wonderful hour+ on your website. I will keep visiting your site for a fix until I am back in August for my annual holiday. Keep up the good work.

Roy Tait   Torrin, Isle of Skye - 1st January 2010   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Very best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, prosperous and snow-free 2010.

MC   Somerset, England - 18th December 2009  

Fantastic to see the area we stayed in last summer and intend returning to. Incredible scene. Excellent webcam Thank you!

Sally   Essex, England - 17th September 2009  

We stayed at Clover Hill Cottage (the time-lapse sequence brought back lovely memories!) from 15th August 2009. Unfortunately it rained every day of our weeks stay. However in this stunning location, what does rain matter. Thanks for the great website ... we could almost be back there!

Charlie Glendinning   Ashton, Maryland, USA - 25th August 2009   Click to email this visitor

I was on Bla Bheinn August 19, 2009. Carrying 50 pounds of backpack, the plan was to go up and over the mountain, around to Loch Coruisk, then up and over the next ridge to Coire Ghrunda, down to Glen Brittle and around to Sligachan. I aborted the plan when the winds picked up to 60 mph, the rain started stabbing my face like ice picks, and a cloud bank ripped over the top of the mountain killing all visibility. I felt like I was standing on the wing of a 747. I SHALL return... lighter and wiser.

Dona Morton   Strathaven, Scotland - 23rd August 2009   Click to email this visitor

Enjoyed reading this very much.

Jim Hughes   Taneytown, Maryland, USA - 3rd August 2009   Click to email this visitor

Loved your website. I was on Skye one of the beautiful days in late June 09 and the road to Elgol was gorgeous. The view of Bla Bheinn from the edge of the Loch Slapin was a view I will remember forever. Clear blue skies in sunny Scotland.

Andrew Campbell   Edinbain, Isle of Skye. Now Melbourne, Australia - 8th May 2009   Click to email this visitor

I visit this wonderful website regularly. Skye is never far away. Moran Taing!

Adrian Atkins   St. Albert, Alberta, Canada - 12th February 2009   Click to email this visitor

Blá Bheinn was my first solo Munro about 11 years ago when I lived in Fife. It is a beautiful mountain and I introduced many folks to it before moving out here to Canada. I’m not homesick, but this site does stir up a few fond memories.

Roy Tait   Torrin, Isle of Skye - 1st January 2009   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

Ruiseart Murray   Broadford... now Auckland NZ - 19th November 2008   Click to email this visitor

Homesick... :( Slainte.

Mark Absolon   Morley, Leeds, England - 7th October 2008   Click to email this visitor

A fantastic website. Superb satellite pictures, walk guides, acres of background, a complete guide to Skye and all the links I was looking for as well. Can’t wait to climb Blaven now!

Jean Bland   Cumbria, England - 16th August 2008   Click to email this visitor

I visit your website every day just to remind me of the highlands which my husband and I love so much. It helps with the withdrawal symptons until we can visit again.

Martyn   Whitstable, England - 4th July 2008  

A great website that does justice to its great subject matter. It reminds me why I can’t stay away from all the fabulous places - mountain, valley and coastal - between Broadford and Elgol. Not a day passes without my thinking about the place - keeps me sane(ish). And Blá Bheinn is a great walk in rain or shine.

Roy Tait   Torrin, Isle of Skye - 1st January 2008   Click to email this visitorClick to go to this website

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2008.

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